ERASMUS PLUS "Flipped To The Future"

 A cura dei Proff.

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"Flipped to the Future" is born from the desire of the High School "Istituto Tecnico Industriale and Liceo delle Scienze Applicate "Amedeo Avogadro" of Torino" of taking part to the international experience of mobility inside the Erasmus+ Programme. It deals with new technologies and new learning methodologies; with our needs in improving our English language competence, our methodologies, procedures and learning/teaching innovative, digital and advanced tools; it deals with environments in which learning and teaching are integrated, efficient and pleasant actions aiming at sharing an homogeneous European vision of an up-to-date school.

"FTTF" is not only referring to this topics, as very urgent in a lot of EU countries interested into Mobility Actions, but it comes also from a strong intention of our Institute to generate a sort of "Chain Reaction" thanks to which, the competences and knowledge acquired by our teachers and staff could lead to a transformation of the learning and teaching procedures inside our school in a wide range. Since "Avogadro High School" is also a "Leader School" on our Territory, these effects are supposed to spread not only on all teachers, staff and students, but also on the local community, on other schools, on category organizations, on enterprises and institutions, both at regional and national level.

These transformations are what we expect as impact effects of "FTTF" Project.

The aims of the Project are:

- Strengthening of  the level of internationalization and  perception of the relevance of cross-cultural education;

- Acquiring “knowledges”, best practices, experimental and advanced technologies useful for learning;

- Improving linguistic competence in English, especially in specific subjects, in order to boost up CLIL methodology;

- Strengthening the professional skills of the school staff and  teachers;

- Acquiring both vocational and training orientation for students;

- Building the ability to build a good relationship with other European institutions,  specific cultural organizations  both national and international which are useful for the progressive building of work experiences.

- Best practices for the management of ECVET credit system;

The achievement of all these goals is based on “job shadowing” activities and on the attendance of courses dealing with our required needs -agreed with our foreign partners Estonia, Spain and Germany,  through the Letters of Agreement- and selected on the "School Education Gateway" Platform. The participants, chosen through a public selection procedure, will be 16 (14 teachers and 2 ATA staff). There will be three mobility flows, each of which will last for one week; 

From a practical point of view, the project, which will last 12 months (September 2019 - August 2020) will develop according to a preparatory session , a mobility period , a period of acceptance and dissemination of the results. During all the phases of the project’s planning and development, the Institute will manage the relationships with all the potential stakeholders (institutions, companies, students and families , school staff and other educational organizations).

The expected results of the project include  the acquisition of the following competencies by the participants: implementation of didactic-educational , lab and innovative and interactive  activities, linguistic (English) and administrative activities, new  European cooperations, enhancement of ECVET system and dissemination of acquired "knowledges". The expected impact is represented by a strengthening of the quality of our School in terms of educational program in a European perspective and  the qualification of inner and outer  relations to the school environment to elevate the general system of education.

For  an effective management of the project , it will be  expected  the  use of a structured system  with a default monitoring aiming at highlighting  the coherence between the planned actions and the actually realized ones, and a system for the evaluation of the results in relation to the initial purposes and to the needs of the Institute.

Finally, the Institute commits itself to disseminate  what it will acquire thanks to the mobility experiences adopting suitable educational and advertising strategies  in order to generate the new awareness of the necessity to watch at the future of School as a system rich in both traditional tools as well as innovative resources. A system where there is a suitable place for every learning style and for every person, in order to learn and grow in a constant and ongoing way, according to a Long Life Learning vision. A centred-positioned School, in a perfect developing Space-Time dimension, a reference pin for the territorial reality and balanced link between the past and the future.

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